I was born and raised in Wyoming, living there until I graduated from the University. I'm grateful for my time in Wyoming and I thank my parents for instilling in me a love and respect for nature at a young age. It influences me, even today, in a majority of work that I produce.

I capture moments in time; images or scenes that might otherwise be overlooked or taken for granted. Sometimes this requires an exact representation, other times, I like to let my abstract nature come through and I twist reality a bit, just to make people think. It is my desire to give the viewer a new way of seeing the beauty around them, even in the mundane, because sometimes the most amazing images are right in front of us. We've just forgotten to look; to see.

Besides my strong tie to nature, I've been heavily influenced by the Italian Renaissance artists and the masters of the Impressionistic period, with Leonardo DaVinci and Vincent Van Gogh amoung my favorites. I do enjoy a good Escher, DuChamp, and Dali as well. I love the play of light against dark (an Italian term refered to as, Chiaroscuro) and soft, gradual nuancing. These characteristics are apparent in most of my fine art as I strive for mastery of my craft. 

After graduating from college, I found myself in a strange, new world called city life. I lived in an affluent, suburban Detroit community, worked in a gallery, and did free-lance artwork. During that time I learned a lot of valuable skills, not the least of which was custom matting and framing. I came to realize and appreciate the absolute value of a wonderfully framed piece of art. Framing can become an artistic extention of a piece or it can ruin it - choose wisely.

I left Michigan after 7 years, lived in Utah for a short while, then found myself in the great desert-southwest state of Arizona. Believe me, it's more than just a dry heat. I have been an entepreneur here for over 17 years and I enjoy many avenues of artistic expression: drawing, painting, photography, custom framing, and great imagery like Skeleton Boy! I also love 3-dimensional art like my beautifully decorated, recycled bottles.

I'm a musician, enjoying the position of bassist and vocalist in the original, neo-classic rock band, Element 115, and I study, teach, and lecture in the field of philosophy, with emphasis in metaphysics, spirituality, and all things related.

Enjoy your time here.
Peace to you on your journeys...